Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ecuador plays today in the second round despite their three nil loss against Germany in the last game. They need to put the shock behind them and concentrate on England. This is do or die, England or Ecuador goes home after this game. England plays without an injured Owen. Sven, the coach for England, leaves also Crouch on the bench. His decision could be a devastating blow for England, and Sven's popularity.

"It is the hottest day of the tournament," says the commentator while Ecuador kicks off.
The world stops in the second minute to watch Beckham take a free kick from twenty-five meter, his trademark.
"Did not get much on that," says the commentator, when Beckham shoots the ball low, stuck in the traffic of the penalty box.
In the sixth minute, England crosses the ball from the halfway line to a free striker on the edge of the penalty box. The Defense of Ecuador arrives on time to forestall a shot on goal. The same play repeats a moment later.
Minutes later Rooney, for England, sprints to another highball from the halfway line. This time the ball is deeper, closer to goal. However, both a defender and the keeper beat him to the ball.
"Rooney cannot get there in time," shouts the commentator.
Ten minutes into the game, Ecuador executes a grave play, their first attack on the English target. An English defender cannot control the ball. A striker from Ecuador sees the fumble and steals the ball. The English defense is caught by surprise, and the Ecuadorian striker runs through the offside trap. He is now facing the keeper in front of the goal. He lines up the ball, too careless. Cole, for England, spurts to save England. For Queen and the flag, he throws his body in front of the shot. The shot deflects, and the ball ricochets of the woodwork.
"What a shock for the Ecuadorian fans," says the commentator.
The Ecuadorian defense puts England on hold. Luckily for the Beckham fans, does the whistle seem to be opium for the referee. It rains free kicks, for both nations.
England draws the match slightly in their favor with some creative plays. In the twenty-seventh minute, an English striker passes the ball sharply in front of the box. The shot of his teammate is saved by the Ecuadorian goalkeeper.
"That's some great footwork," says the commentator over the English efforts.
The game cools again and the score remains nil-nil at halftime.
England has more confidence in the second half, and moves the game to the Ecuadorian half. In the forty-ninth minute a ball passing the face of the Ecuadorian goal is wasted, no English striker made it on time.
Ecuador answers with a shot from forty meters. It proves too far.
The referee still craves his whistle. Fifty-eight minutes into the game, England is rewarded a free kick twenty-two meters in front of the target.
England holds his breath once more while beckham slowly steps back. The ball bends over the wall to the inside of the left post. The keeper dives, but the ball is out of his reach.


"The ball went up and down so fast, the keeper had no chance," shouts the commentator.
The comeback of Beckham installs new life into England, and their supporters on the stands. Thousands English fans sing 'God save the queen' in perfect unison.
The television shows Beckham bending over, vomiting on the pitch.

"Dehydration," says the commentator.
A big chunk of relief leaves his body, I say.
Ecuador stays cool, taking their time building up an offense. However, time runs out on Ecuador. England leads the match with one goal when the referee blows his whistle for the last time. The queen is saved, for now.